Why posting once is not enough

Want to know some of the biggest problems are having when it comes to promoting themselves & their business online?

It’s that they think that…

  • Posting about something once on social media accounts for a launch
  • Sending one (maybe two!) emails about their special offer or program to let people know that it’s available accounts to launching it
  • If their clients don’t buy from the one post and two emails that this then means they have to try something completely new
  • Emailing their list to invite them to the opportunity to work together is salesy or rude
  • Emailing their list is a bad idea because it will equate to people unsubscribing and therefore reducing the size of their list
  • You can’t say the same thing in emails and on social posts
  • Marketing Plans are boring or hard work
  • Writing and sending an email to their list will take hours upon hours

Did I mention that people think that one post and one Instagram story will launch their online empire?

…. And these are just the things that I’ve heard this month!

If you’ve been nodding in agreement you’re in the right place. You’re on my mailing list for a reason and I’m thinking that the reason is to help you understand online marketing better (if that’s not the case please let me know!)

I want you to know this…. online marketing is a huge eco-system.

People might follow you on social media but not your mailing list. They probably haven’t been on your website and may not have read your blogs. Even if they do subscribe to your mailing list and follow you on Facebook, this doesn’t mean that they will see all your posts and read all your emails.

What this means for you is that you need to talk about the thing that you’re selling over and over again in lots of different ways that helps them see if it’s for them.

You know I love my jacket analogies so here goes…

I have a sparkly jacket for sale and my competitor sells black jackets. Most people think that they want the black jacket but I know that the sparkly jacket will suit them better. I can’t just say ‘buy my sparkly jacket’ so I need to give them lots of different reasons, ways and places to wear their new fabulous sparkly jacket in order for them to buy.

You have something for sale and I bet lots of other people sell similar things. If you want to stand out from the crowd with your sparkly jacket* it’s up to you to remind people over and over again.

And funnily enough… this is EXACTLY why I have created my 28 Days to Launch Guide. To make it easy for you to remember that you need to promote yourself over and over again.

If you’re wanting to promote an online service or program, then you need to double down and build momentum with a Lead Event. This is your opportunity to get people really excited about what it is that you have to sell! Just a reminder, this is not the only opportunity that you have to sell, in fact I consider the Lead Event to be just the start of getting people really really excited about what you have to sell.

(Remember when I ran my 5 Day Challenge Owning it Challenge in March? This was the Lead Event into my Adsolutely Fabulous Business crew!)

For all the questions answered when it comes to your next launch, grab the guide now it won’t be this price forever!