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Why do people choose to work with me out of all the other Facebook ads managers, agencies and freelancers in the world?

I love advertising people’s businesses, to help them show up and shine online.

When it comes to Facebook ads you’ve got three types of advertisers:

“I appreciate your understanding of my approach to my business - I'm not terribly salesy and the people I was working with previously kept trying to force me into a way more American style of selling which felt really inauthentic to me. I just wanted to work with someone who appreciated the approach I wanted to take (even though it might lead to a slower burn) and could help me optimise sales while still being authentic”
Rachel Corbett
Rachel Corbett
Creator of PodSchool & weekly host of the Project TV

Case Study 1

Julia came to me to manage her ads. She was happy with her existing agency but they didn’t get her program and she also felt like she was being handed around the agency.

Her account managers changed regularly and she lost time every few months having to explain her business again and again. Within a few weeks we’d run a successful price increase campaign for her program.

My business is small and strong, so you receive my personal dedication and attention. You won’t get lost in a sea of accounts.

Case Study 2

Kelly wanted to have a break from doing big launches for her membership. Together we devised a smart monthly open cart with incredible bonuses. She had finished some beneficial training for her audience and wanted to incorporate it into her strategy. Many of the big online marketers and memberships will tell you that you can only open your doors several times a year. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Working with a highly strategic ads manager who will back up your genius ideas means that you can make changes faster.

Case Study 3

Rachel had done several strategy sessions with me previously when I was at capacity for my ads management. During this time, we were set up ads which simply worked without much assistance they were able to drive leads and sales to her sales funnel.

After several years working with an international agency, she got in touch again.

The agency was getting her good returns but there were dodgy practices at play. This included running ads to countries that would never purchase her program, simply to bring the lead costs down!

She wanted to work with me as I was reputable and able to really make her stand out in the crowded market.

Case Study 4

Kirsten was launching a new phase of her business offering an online course to go with her already profitable art practice. I was able to educate her on the world of online courses and together we launched a ‘non-launch’ for her new program as her organic presence is huge. It was super successful.

After this, she asked me to look into her ecommerce sales. One look at her account showed that she was missing out on a huge proportion of sales simply by not retargeting her website visitors. In ecommerce, retargeting is the way in which you show people ads on Facebook and Instagram when they’ve ‘added to cart’ but haven’t made a purchase. In marketing terms… this audience is red hot and almost ready to purchase! I set up this one particular campaign over a year ago… and it still sees a 5x return.

"I’m so glad I hired Miranda and will definitely do so again! She’s up to date with the latest in Facebook ads, and is highly innovative, which is so important in the online marketing space. Miranda was genuine and generous in the way she engaged with me and my campaign. It truly gave me peace of mind, not having to "go it alone” the way I’ve done in previous launches. Having someone with her knowledge and experience to bounce ideas off, (and get great ideas from) was so worthwhile. If you’re considering investing in Miranda - do it! It’s definitely money well spent."
Kelly Hine
Kelly Hine
Soul Space Membership + MAP Practitioner

What happens when your ads just run themselves…

I love working with companies who have been running their own ads “in house”. You’ve had someone in marketing working out and learning ads management. However, what if your ads just ran themselves? Where you got to work with someone who took your ideas and turned them into reality? 

That is the level of Facebook & Instagram Ad Management I provide.

The purpose of Facebook & Instagram ads in your business.

To get the best results from paid Facebook & Instagram ads, see the campaign as one part of your overall business pie. High level Facebook ads management works best with a strong follow up process. Whether it’s via phone, email communication or a sale.

How do I know the right type of campaign for you?

I’m well known for running program, course and membership launches for entrepreneurs. I love ongoing list building for a variety of businesses, particularly if the goal is to drive leads for high end services. I deliver great results for ecommerce brands as shown with the brands I’ve worked with below.

Ecommerce Brands I've Worked With

Facebook Ads Done For You Management Packages

Ready to be positioned you at the top of your industry, leveraging your existing assets in the best way possible?

If you’re keen to get there, now is the time to discuss whether we’re a great fit. We both need to know that we’re going to work fabulously together and that I’ll be delivering the results you’re looking for.

Minimum 3 month commitment required.
Ad spend not included.


In-House Facebook Ad Training & Workshops

Do you or your team need expert advice to take your Facebook Ads Management to the next level? An experienced trainer, Miranda Ivey will be able to deliver a jam-packed half or one day workshop tailored to your needs.

What's involved:
1 hour Pre-Consultation
Full Ad Account Audit & Recommendations
Half / Full Day Staff Training
In person or via zoom (recordings provided)
Post-training Email support