Suited to creative intuitive women who are running their own business and want to use their time and energy more effectively – for profits or personal reasons. Find out what truly drives you, move beyond personal roadblocks and become unapologetic about playing to your strengths.


People come to me to work on their confidence to market their business and overcome their confusion about their direction.

I recently ran a workshop called “Create Confident Reels” I think I should have called it “Reels for the over 40s” because this truly is my demographic.

Most of my clients didn’t grow up online, and they aren’t always into sharing every minute detail of their life on social. They find marketing something that they feel they “have to do” rather than they opportunity that it’s something that you “get to do”,

They often have years of experience under their belt but find the thought of putting themselves out there fear inducing. One of the things I do best is to make online marketing and advertising for business owners, practitioners and coaches practical and easy to leverage.

When they’ve been feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to make everything hard. In my 1:1 Mentoring I illuminate a way forward and break it into actionable easy steps.

My mentoring clients are often:

  • In a career transition

    They have always offered one service and want to move into more of an online practice.

  • Wanting to try new things

    They know what they want to do with their marketing but need advice as to how to actually realise this.

  • Looking for a plan

    They want more clients and know that they'd like to move move beyond just winging it.

Whatever your reason may be to work together, I promise to bring joy and street smart. Working across a range of industries, I bring insight that you need to your current situation.