How did a Surfing Mum end up a sought after Facebook Ads Manager?

Over the past 9 years I’ve coached and run ads for all kinds of niches from Business Coaches to Online Yoga, Meditations to Motorhomes, Art Prints to One of a kind Jewellery.

Every business I speak to needs leads and sales and wants a return on their paid ads.

If that’s you, but you’re not sure where to start then book in an outstanding offer call with me. Facebook & Instagram are still a great place for you to grow an organic following AND also run ads.

That’s where I come in, if running a business you love it what you want to do, book in your free Client Journey call with me. We’ll talk about what you want to do and discuss your next steps.

If you’ve tried everything or feel overwhelmed even starting, let me give you the low down on seeing your Facebook & Instagram improve their performance.

In my experience, Facebook & Instagram Ads are a fantastic way to gather new leads and sales for your products and services. With over 20 years experience in marketing and PR, I cut to the chase and can tell you what will sell to your audience.

Use Your Unique Position for Growth

Everyone has a unique story to tell, but they often don’t know how to sell.

This is why I can start working with an ads management client and increase their revenue within months. I’m also well known for running successful program launches for online entrepreneurs.

The power of Facebook advertising lies in reaching new audiences – who often have only a niggling idea of the problem you’re there to help them with. That’s why it’s vital that you’re leveraging all of your best assets, positioning you in a stand out way.

“I always know my ads are in safe hands with Miranda.” – Rachel Corbett, Podschool. 

My approach to Facebook ads isn’t “textbook” but the results are amazing. I write ads that suit the human, their personality and their positives. I work with established entrepreneurs and businesses who want to amplify their results. If this is you, apply now.


Powerful Change with NLP

I experienced the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2019, when it ignited in me something I hadn’t felt since having my two kids. My personal self-worth and boundaries are so strong these days, so you won’t be able to book in a call with me before 10am because I want to be able to surf after I drop the kids off at school!

In 2020/2021, I completed my certification with Hayley Carr’s NLP Coaching program. I now guide women to dream bigger and break through what’s holding them back in both 1:1 and a group settings, such as my Virtual CEO retreat 2021 and Dream Bigger Workshops during 2022.

“Right now, I feel great moving forward. Your gentle, supportive yet ‘cut through the crap’ questioning and coaching has really worked wonders!”

– Amelia Scott, Movement Online Fitness

Express Yourself Online With Ease

My big business “wake up call” moment happened after my former business partner at Dotti Media and I went our separate ways in 2017. We’d had a great partnership, but it was time to branch out on my own. 

Suddenly it was… All. Up. To. Me.

In “No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff” I share the simple strategies that helped me overcome my fear of being seen and becoming known as an expert in my field. Combined with working with other amazing women in their online businesses, I offer a unique perspective on how you can stand out in a busy online world.

If you’re just getting started in your online journey, begin with a copy of my book “No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff”. You’ll wrap your head around how social media isn’t just noise, it’s about you learning how to express yourself and why it’s so important to start showing your face if your business is you. If you want the hard copy, head over to Amazon. (Or if you’d prefer, you can order a personalised copy from me)

 Known for my inclusive way of communicating I’ve been invited to speak on stage, podcasts and in Masterminds about Facebook ads copywriting in many different industries.

No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff

There is an Audience Waiting For You

After working with hundreds of business owners, there’s a big misconception that you’ve got to do it all on your own if you’re going to succeed. Or if you do work with a marketing company… they’ll just take your money!

I always say that there is an audience out there for just about anything – they just don’t know about YOU yet.

That’s exactly why I created my Ad Fab Business Crew. To meet you where you’re at if you’re somewhere in between “I can’t wait to get this new product / service / program out there” and “oh my gosh there’s so freaking much I need to know”.

“I really have loved Miranda’s down to earth support. So generous with ideas, thoughtful and thorough investigation into how to and best way to roll out all the plans.” – Sarah, Nurtured Birth

For laser focussed support in an intimate group environment, apply now for my Ad Fab Business Crew coaching program. A 6-month journey for you to learn to love putting yourself “out there” online. 

Members of my Ad Fab Business Crew can run ads that deliver results even on a low budget.

5 Things you might not know about me:

  1. I’ve lived and worked in Scotland, Canada and Colombia.
  2. While I completed my university degree studying in Santiago, Chile.
  3. My partner and I packed everything into a campervan and left Adelaide in 2010 for an adventure.
  4. After catching barramundi in crocodile infested waters across the NT & Far North Queensland, we settled in Northern NSW. It’s been over 11 years now…
  5. My former business partner Angela was also my roller derby team mate. We’d work together all day, then have the goal of slamming each other into the floor at night.

See what my clients are saying...

I run a Holistic Healing Centre and have been working with Miranda since I was just a massage therapist in my garage. Within those two years, Miranda has propelled me into a stratosphere of what is possible for my business. Before Miranda, I was trading time for dollars, through Miranda’s guidance and expertise I moved out of my garage and become the owner of a multidisciplinary clinic with multiple streams of income. Miranda opened my eyes to the powerful world of digital marketing via social and electronic platforms. Miranda encouraged me to leave behind prehistoric ideas of running a small business. She mentored me to find my authentic voice in my marketing and sales, opportunities and growth followed. The thing that impresses me most about the way Miranda works is her ability to create depth and dimension to campaigns or products launches I present her with. Miranda see the marketing world with extraordinary colour and texture and enables “YOU” to do the same.

-Dee Driscoll, Lennox Sanctum

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Bundjalung people of Northern NSW and the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures; and to Elders past, present and emerging. We endeavor to be an open and inclusive company, respectful of the many diverse cultures and ways of life in Australia and across the world.