Leveraging off 15 years experience in Marketing and Publicity, I combine my marketing and strategy experience with my in-depth knowledge of Facebook Ads.


Specialising in highly targeted Facebook Ads campaigns for digital products and programs, I know how to launch businesses online with a bang. I specialise in smart, cohesive launch strategies across all digital marketing channels. I’ve been behind high profile online launches with high ROI, exponential email list growth and greater brand awareness.


See what my clients are saying in my Testimonials.


“I run a Holistic Healing Centre and have been working with Miranda since I was just a massage therapist in my garage. Within those two years, Miranda has propelled me into a stratosphere of what is possible for my business. Before Miranda, I was trading time for dollars, through Miranda’s guidance and expertise I moved out of my garage and become the owner of a multidisciplinary clinic with multiple streams of income. Miranda opened my eyes to the powerful world of digital marketing via social and electronic platforms. Miranda encouraged me to leave behind prehistoric ideas of running a  small business. She mentored me to find my authentic voice in my marketing and sales, opportunities and growth followed. The thing that impresses me most about the way Miranda works is her ability to create depth and dimension to campaigns or products launches I present her with. Miranda see the marketing world with extraordinary colour and texture and enables “YOU” to do the same.”

-Dee Driscoll, Lennox Sanctum