Why Being Consistent Matters

In this video, I wanted to talk to you about something that I have heard for probably about four or five years now.

In all of the digital marketing conferences I’ve been to, in a lot of the training that I’ve done, and that is that you need to be consistent.

For a long time, I’ve resisted this. For a long time I have gone you know what, I know better than the best minds in marketing and business. I can just do it my way. I can just totally wing it. And it has been fine.

But things have definitely changed now that I am being consistent, and I am emailing the people on my mailing list every week, I’m having chats to them, they’re responding to me. I’m putting out these videos every week.

Have you tried being consistent with your marketing?

If you have, what are you being consistent at?

If you haven’t been consistent at anything, what would like to be consistent at?

If its posting on Instagram everyday, that’s great. Do it, and see what happens if you actually post on Instagram every day with the right intention of sharing something that will help others and will also show your expertise. If it’s doing videos, I’d love to know about that too. Because there is nothing better for your business than showing and continually sharing over and over again, because even if you’re not necessarily selling anything, you’re just building that thing called brand awareness.

I want to finish with this quote from Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer, which is one of the biggest online learning platforms for online marketing in the world.  And one of his favourite quotes that I love is, “If you’re not emailing your mailing list every week, you don’t like money.

The reason is because the people on your mailing list are the people who know you, they trust you, they’re the people that you want to be talking to.

This is THE the place that will help you get more clients, sell more courses, book more consultations, sell more workshops, whatever it is that you do.

So remember that… if you do like money, start emailing your mailing list every week.