Stop Overthinking Your Marketing

This week I did two events. One on Copywriting for e-commerce Facebook Ads and another on Facebook Ad Trends for 2020. Both were phenomenal btw.
Want to know the biggest thread running through them?
Yep, you guessed it. Stop overthinking everything! Stop getting so granular in your re-targeting that your ads stop working because Facebook doesn’t work in super small audiences. Stop thinking that you need perfect photos for your Facebook posts & ads because the majority of time ‘natural’ works best. And stop worrying whether or not you should post something that shows you have an opinion (you have my permission to post it)
The best marketing is marketing.
The best Facebook ads are starting and giving it a go. And the best job? Running a business that you love.
So if you’ve had a thought about a post, an ad, an offer, a product, a service rolling about in your head for far too long and it just won’t go away… in the words of one of the best marketing slogans of all time…
Just. Freaking. Do. It.