How to Create a Course Without Overwhelm

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Q. How do you easily create an online course (even if you’ve never done it before)

A.It’s not to make something completely new!

Most people I work with want to create an online course of some kind. They’ve heard about them and how they help you to move beyond ‘trading time for money’. It might be a group coaching program, a short course, a membership, or a hybrid mix of course/coaching masterminds.

No matter what… if you want to sell the course, you have to create the course*

How do you go about starting to create this course? Do you pull it out of thin air? Do you consult your crystals? (Possibly if you’re creating a course on crystals )

Ahem no… you take the tried and true system that you’ve been sharing with people through 1:1 services, workshops, or sessions.

Then you turn that into an online course so that more people who aren’t bound by location or time will get the maximum benefit of your expertise (that will save them time, money or effort – hint hint )

And if you’re thinking like… duh Miranda this is what we all know already about online courses, I thought I’d share with you two behind the scenes look at how I’ve made courses to help you with your own creative journey.

A blog on what went into my newest course Show + Sell, including all the tech I currently use so you can enjoy reflecting on your own tech stack (ooh tell me more I hear you say )

If you’re looking for some easy ways to create a course without overwhelm, then this Episode 19 of Real Fabulous Marketing is for you. I created it for those of you with creative, intuitive brains who don’t like to be told what to do 

Finally, as I say in the intro to my podcast this week, hats off to you if you’re currently in lockdown and getting anything done.

Life is crazy at the best of times so if it’s adding some extra stress on your already full plate I hope that you can still find some time to yourself (or if you’re on your own – may you enjoy some time to exercise with a friend!)

*I just want to clarify that you don’t have to always have created the course in order to sell the course. It can actually be a great business model to ‘pre-sell’ a course as in, let people know it’s coming and either join a waitlist or pre-purchase. That way you have a ready-made audience and you’re not just making a course for no one and you also have an incentive to finish the course.

In this program I mention my new video toolkit Show + Sell for ecommerce.
You can find out more about this here Mirandaivey.com/toolkit