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Dear fellow solopreneur,
It’s time to get with the program… it’s 2021 and social media, whether you like it or not, is here to stay.
My question is…
How long are you going to wait for it to be the ‘right time’ to get your head around this?
If I had a dollar for every time I heard the excuses that people don’t have time for social media, think that they don’t look right or their voice is weird so they can’t do video… I wouldn’t be needing to sell this book for $4.95.
Thinking that you have to be like someone else in order to get clients… Don’t wait any longer and grab my book now.
3 years ago…
I  was pregnant for the second time and my business partner and I had decided to part ways. My confidence was at an all time low and I rarely showed my face on social media. My videos (when I posted them) took hours and multiple takes. I wondered what the point was as no one viewed them anyway.
I hid behind the excuse that I was too ‘busy’.
Little did I realise that by not using social media, I was not only was my voice not being heard but I also was missing out on a huge part of my future success.
Despite years of marketing experience, I had big plans and no idea how to get there.
Also 3 years ago…
I was running Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns for 6 & 7 figure clients. My main goal was to motivate more people to ‘buy their stuff’. Spending tens of thousands of dollars every month testing different images and copywriting showed me time and time again…
If you’re wanting to succeed online, real life stories and images will win every time.
That’s why I’m on a mission to help women just like you to grow your business. Not with fancy photo shoots and crazy sales funnels but with good human to human relationships.
Even in a busy online world, people do business with people they like. If you want to get more clients, you need to show up on social media and share the reason WHY they need to work with you more.
Fast forward to now…
I run a business filled with clients I love working with. I’m no longer scared of being seen and heard. I help more business owners than ever through multiple channels. But in order to do so, I had to know why I was doing it, who I was wanting to attract and create a way for my ideal clients to engage with me in the right way.
But there is more to it than just posting once on social media and forgetting about it.
All too often I see business owners trying to skip the most important middle step.
Which is, how do you motivate people to move from social media posts into clients?
… And it’s not by just posting links to your courses, consultations or packages saying BUY MY STUFF.
Now more than ever before, people need to really get to know the person that they are buying from.
That’s why I’ve come up with my no-brainer Path of Ascension strategy. I use this myself and with clients EVERY TIME I WANT TO SELL SOMETHING ONLINE.
Because everything you’re selling is actually a solution to a problem.
But the craziest thing for the new generation of solo business owners is this…
Often the people who you’re selling don’t even realise they have the problem you’re going to solve for them. 🤯
It’s your job while you’re posting on social media to spell it out for them.
This is because your Facebook and Instagram pages are usually people’s first place they interact with you.
This is often where people decide if they ‘like’ you.
And it is where you can get inside their heads so it’s like you’re reading their thoughts.
While anyone can create a Facebook page or an Instagram profile, not everyone knows how to express themselves (and their unique gifts!) in the right more.
Enter my book.
If you’re wanting to sell more online and to move beyond the ‘I hope this post will cause someone to click’ mindset, then this book is for you.
Think of me like your loving online best friend who wants you to create simple posts that do the work for you and that don’t take forever to create.
Download now and start having clients wanting to work with you.
Just by showing up and being more YOU.

Let me ask you...

Imagine if you knew what to post on social media that engaged your ideal clients, every day? 🤔

Learn to easily write posts that get inside your clients head

Get instant responses and feedback…

So that you stand out in a busy online world.

In this book you'll find...

In this book you'll find...

I’m a rollerskating Mum of 2 & a Marketing Coach.
I’m on a mission to help you love your marketing so you can help more people with your unique gifts.
If you’ve thought that life would be better if someone just started posting for you, or you just really can’t be bothered then I want you to know this…
By paying someone else to ‘do your socials’ without understanding what I share in the book, your socials will continue not to work.
Most people I talk to think they’re ‘doing social media’ when in reality they’re not. They’re scrolling through Facebook hoping that inspiration will come and bite them on the bum.
They’re posting and ‘hoping’ that someone will book in.
Let’s forget about the hope and start taking solid steps towards a future where you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and people are responding!

My system works even if you hate posting on social media.

Over the years, I’ve heard all the reasons why people can’t or won’t use social media for their business…
“Social media takes so much time”
“I just want it to work without me doing much more than I’m already doing”
“Can’t someone else do it for me?”
But how will they do a better job for you if you’re not already doing a great job?
Yes, posting on social media means learning how to connect with your audience through words and copy. By reading this book you will learn how to get out of your own way and start writing in a way that sees you put your BEST SELF OUT THERE but in an non-sleazy way.
Imagine if you could…
The crazy thing is this, I know from experience that when you start to unleash your true potential… no one is going to be able to stop you.
How long are you going to put off marketing yourself because you don’t look right or think you’ve got nothing to say?

Get the book for $4.95 and also receive…


Get the book for $4.95 and also receive…

The crazy thing is this, I know from experience that when you start to unleash your true potential… no one is going to be able to stop you.


16 Instant Authority Builders

Not interested in reading a whole book? Get my top post topics that will see you stand out from the competition in no time.


2021 Marketing Calendar Template

So you can get organised and start filling your calendar with all of your new post ideas

Simple, step by step instructions that will see you stand out on social media.

This book is crazy good value at $4.95.

Even if you read just the first chapter, I know you’ll get value for money.

I wrote this book to help you get more of you out into the world.

For the past 7 years I’ve worked with start ups to high level entrepreneurs helping them to harness the power of social media to sell more of what they do.
And the people who you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook wondering how they do it? They’ve learnt how to sell themselves online.
Not in a weird, overly promotional way, but in a way that speaks the language of their customers so that you’re reading their posts or watching their videos wondering, how do they do that?
Through my years of Facebook ads copywriting across a broad range of industries, I’ve learned what motivates people to buy online.
Now I share these with you in this book.
More than anything, I want you to put your best self forward. To stop hiding away hoping that it will all get better.
I’ve got a saying I like to share… The best time to learn social media was 5 years ago. The second best time?

I can't wait for you to find people who truly want to buy what you have to sell.

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