How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business (Podcast Interview)

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When I sent out the following to my email list, Marissa Roberts from the Simpler Business Podcast replied with an invite to come on her show and talk about email marketing.

See email marketing does work!

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If you’re someone who reads the ‘news’ then you will have noticed that the Australian Government’s clash with Facebook overpaying news publishers recently reached the next level.

Some people are calling what happened yesterday as Facebook hitting the ‘nuclear’ button.

On Thursday morning, news publishers big and small from national broadcasters to community news had their pages stripped of all their posts.

Added to that, it wasn’t just contained to the media. Government organisations, not for profits and even small businesses have been caught up in the fight.

… And I thought that the changes brought by the Apple iOS updates in January were big ?

Here’s my two bobs worth:

  • I don’t think that the government should be interfering with Facebook. Yes, I want quality journalism to continue in Australia but trying to change Facebook’s business model (considering they’re a private overseas company) is crazy. Here’s an interview from ABC TV you can watch for the US perspective.
  • Online marketers have always said, “We don’t own the platform, we rent it.” I’ve said this a thousand times and I’ve heard it said many more, Facebook could shut down tomorrow so where would you be if all you’re doing is building followers? I get that this is a simplistic view but it’s one that every business from the biggest to the smallest needs to understand.

The best strategy has been – and still is – to grow your email list. You can download this list and take it anywhere you want. You could even individually email every single person from your personal Gmail account if all of a sudden there were no email marketing platforms available