Facebook Ad Objectives Explained (by feeding children)

If you’ve ever tried to feed a toddler dinner, you’ll know that it’s no easy task.

For me it’s complicated as one of my kids likes her food separate and no sauce whatsoever. The other loves to chow down a beef stew-like he hasn’t eaten all day.

As I was attempting to get them to eat the other night, with each on circling back on their own timeframe for bites in between drawing, trucks and books… it may me think about Facebook ads (because you know, what else do I do?)
I’m always looking for new ways to explain Facebook ads to people.

So let me explain Facebook ad terms as explained by feeding my kids.

With both, you always start with your objective.

Now my objective for dinner is often a conversion campaign, that is my kid actually eating the darn thing I’ve cooked (conversion campaigns measure people taking an action on your website).

However, I’m also happy with traffic aka taking bites to gain traction on dinner. In Facebook ads traffic is link clicks to a website. Sometimes I’m even aiming for engagement. The goal being to just get my kids used to the idea of ‘beans’ so they may eat one at a later date. (Retargeting!)

Now with feeding my kids my target audience is simple, and in actual fact it’s what Facebook would call a custom audience. That is, people who have come into contact with me before. Custom audiences are used for retargeting. The duration of my kids meals already goes on far too long but if you want your ads to work you need to give them a few days at least.

Let’s not forget the power of presentation!

In Facebook ads terms, this is your awesome ad creative (images & copy) to get people to click. For dinner it’s how to make it look enticing order to get them to eat.

I have to try different creatives for the two kids as they eat different things (different target markets require different images and copy)

A timely reminder to really create your ads to speak to the heart of your target market.

And then you put the food on the table, unleashing dinner on your unsuspecting toddlers (or hit publish, setting your ads free into the world).

Wait a while and it’s time to review your results.

Just like with kids dinner, you know if your ads are winners pretty quickly.

  • Are people taking bites (how many link clicks are you getting?)
  • How often are they taking bites while they pass by (bite click-through rate)?
  • Are they doing it on their own accord, or is it like pulling teeth (a good link click cost is lower than $1, above that is often like trying to win people over with broccoli when they only eat carrots)

Finally let’s talk frequency.

Well, much like if you’ve got a small audience to retarget, your frequency gets pretty high as Facebook doesn’t have many people to show your ads to. But in the case of kids dinner, high frequency (returning to the table for bites) ain’t such a bad thing.

See Facebook ads… it’s as easy as child’s play.