Blowing up Traditional Business – Interview with Hayley Carr

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Hayley Carr is a Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Mentor, and 11x Karate World Champion. While she might sound tough, she also got knocked down by chronic fatigue which in turn lead her to embrace a different business model. Rather than hustle and burn out, Hayley talks about how she sees our feminine softness as our greatest strength and is a big advocate for rest and having fun.

If you’ve ever thought that you needed your business or marketing to look a certain way, then strap your ears in as Hayley opens up a can of limitless possibility in this episode of Real Fabulous Marketing.

4.46:   How Hayley advocated for women and start lifting them up
7.30:   Tapping into her feminine archetype and softness
9.02:   How Hayley turned her greatest challenge into a strength
14.59:  Her answer to NLP being just sleazy slimy sales tactics
18.33:  Hayley’s  simple marketing strategy
22.47:  Why one post may have a bigger impact than you realise

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