A free tool that I couldn’t survive without…

When I started out making WordPress websites I would always include an hour of skype instruction and multi-page document complete with screenshots showing how to upload a blog.
But the thing with WordPress is that it would change how it looked all the time. The interface would be different, or the client would lose the document, get confused and send me an email. I would spend a lot of time on skype saying ‘click on the far right button, no not that one the other one…’
Fast forward to now and one of my absolute free favourite tools for teaching online is Loom.
Loom allows you to simply press a button on your Chrome browser and start recording your screen, your face or both! When it’s done you’re given a link to send the person. There’s no upload / download time or editing required, which means it takes as long as it does to record the video to finish & share it!
And want to know a cool part? You get notified when someone views your recording so you can tell whether someone is watching what you sent them 😉
Not only is Loom great for teaching, it is my go-to tool when working with virtual assistants as it means there’s no miscommunication about what it is you need them to do. It’s a Chrome browser extension, so you’ll need to be using that in order to download & start using Loom.
Here’s a quick Loom I made showing you how to boost a Facebook post for video views instead of engagement. This is to build a video views audience, to then retarget with another Facebook ad.