21 Ways To Promote Yourself For Free

It’s not always about paid ads, in fact there’s so many ways you can promote yourself without spending a cent.
Because it’s not usually that no one wants to buy your stuff… it’s that they haven’t heard you talk about it over and over and over and over again. Yet.
So here’s 21 ways to promote yourself for free…
1. Post on your Facebook Page
2. Post on Instagram
3. Post on Instagram stories
4. Do a video on Facebook
5. Share a post from your Business Page over to your personal page
6. Post in a free Facebook group you’re in (stick by their rules)
7. Make your own free group and post in there (make your own rules)
8. Write a blog
9. Write a guest blog
10. Pitch an interview to a podcast
11. Pitch an interview to your local radio station (if what you’re doing is relevant & local)
12. Pitch an interview to your local newspaper (if what you’re doing is relevant & local)
13. Repeat steps 1 – 4
14. Start your own email list and promote yourself there
15. Start talking to someone in your local cafe
16. Start talking to someone on the beach
17. Start talking to someone at the park / gym / supermarket
19. Chat to people in the community group or special interest group you’re in
20. Be a nice human and other people will do it for you
21. Repeat steps 1 – 4
Oh and don’t forget to smile 😁