Why Starting Now Will Be The Best Thing You Ever Do

Have you ever wanted to do something but think you’re going to be terrible at it so you don’t want to even start?

In this first episode of the Real Fabulous Marketing program, I share all the reasons why I’ve kept myself stuck and not recording a podcast for so many years. Even though I really wanted to do it!

You’ll learn ways of overcoming the “I’ve got no time” excuse that we all use for not getting marketing done (even if we know it’s a really good idea!)

For years I’ve listened to podcasts and loved them. I have learnt so much from them and thank the creators silently in my head when they drop another golden nugget ?

So I too wanted to have a go at creating a podcast. Tim Ferris in his book Tools of Titans says, “Everyone should try recording a podcast at one stage in their life.”

Why not me?

I mean you just buy a microphone and start speaking… ?


As someone who already doesn’t love her voice (sounds ok when I’m surrounded by pillows I’ve found out!) it’s been a journey. Speaking in coherent sentences. Also a journey. Taking people from point A to point B in a logical sequence. A journey. Finding out about reverb and re-recording episodes. A journey. Living across from a sports oval with school sports days on this week. A loud journey.

I’m so glad I have started this journey!

I know future me will thank now me in a year ?

So listen up and then send me a DM on Instagram – what can you start doing today that future you will thank you for?

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