Why Memes And Viral Posts Need To Become Part of Your Social Strategy

Everyone’s been complaining about the lack of organic reach on Facebook these days.
That means when your fans don’t actually see your posts that you just ‘post’ on Facebook without boosting them. What’s the point of it all people ask me? The point is that your fans are still on Facebook and you’re still on Facebook so you need to be in it to win it.
For a long time, I’ve been telling businesses that you don’t need to post your own content all time. That not every post needs to be a video or image of you/ your business. That not every link needs to go back to your own website (and please stop posting links to your homepage for goodness sake).
Your role as a Business on Facebook is to serve your customers and potential customers with valuable information or content that makes them feel good. Or that entertains them.
If the social media world rewards engagement & you can find content that’s viral that totally suits your audience, why wouldn’t you share it?

There’s 3 reasons why you should consider viral posts

1. Engagement. By sharing something that people actually find funny and shareworthy then it will increase your engagement on your page. This won’t go unnoticed by Facebook and if you continue to share quality content (not always memes!) you should see an increase in engagement across the board.
2. Custom Audiences. You can create a custom audience of people to Retargeting with ads and also a lookalike audience (remember the larger your base custom audience the more data Facebook will have to create your lookalike audience. )
3. Retargeting.You can retarget people who engage with your page with ads. In some industries or niches, it can be difficult to find audiences that suit. You may have tried a number of lookalike audiences and also interest-based audiences but you’re still not getting the results that you want.
Where to find viral posts –
  • Post Planner – a paid service that will help you search for viral content from around the world based on what you’re after
  • BuzzSumo – a search engine for viral content based on keywords that you search for
  • Google Alerts – able to be set up for free, Google will scan the internet and send you the latest content based on keywords. It can be a bit hit or miss, works best if you’re after specific niche e.g. ‘adrenal fatigue’ vs ‘Instagram’. Also will require you to determine whether the content is viral
  • Other business pages – what’s working for them? What content are they sharing & where are they sharing it from?
  • Industry related groups – keep an eye out for posts that are getting a lot of attention & if they’re related share them to your page

Remember to always add your own ‘spin’ on it. Just like in this llama post I did here.

Always, always use in moderation

Yes, Facebook rewards engagement but there’s no reason for your business page to become home to a billion ‘Friyay’ memes. Intersperse your entertaining/engaging/funny memes or viral content with quality content and you’ll be winning the Facebook organic reach game.