Why I was so relieved to launch my book

I launched my book No One Wants to Buy Your Stuff last week.
I’ve received so much love and support over the past week it’s actually been a little overwhelming.
Want to know my biggest feeling? Relief.
Relief that I finally hit ‘go’.
Relief that I had given myself a deadline and stuck to it.
Relief that I knew there probably could be more revisions but I still got it out there.
And thank goodness I did hit go as here’s some of the feedback I’ve received…

“Miranda I absolutely loved the book so much great info. You have inspired me to get my act together on so many things I am not doing and correct things I am doing badly. Thank you. Will there be a hard copy?” (Answer is yes, hopefully in the next month)

“It is so well written, very readable, and your quotes and stories are great. Now I understand properly what a lead magnet is. There are tips I want to incorporate into my own life, even though I’m not doing marketing!”

“I’m reading your book. I love it! I’ve finished the first chapter and everything really resonates with me.”

“I am already half way through this book and it’s a “must read” for anyone who is interested in truly authentic marketing online!”

One of my favourite things in life is to also help others hit ‘go’. To enjoy the feeling of relief.
So I’d love to know from you, what would you like to be ‘relieved’ about?
Is there something that you’re not hitting ‘go’ on?