What are your Facebook Ads telling you?

I’m going to share something a little personal here… And it’s something I touched on in my webinar this week too.
When I was running the ads for my recent webinar something happened. It didn’t feel right. I didn’t know if I was attracting the right people to my webinar. The very thing that I’m so passionate about.
Then I changed up the copy targeting one of the groups I currently work with, health & wellness professionals, and lead costs dropped dramatically. I’m talking they dropped by $4 a pop.
While we all want our Facebook ads to ‘work’ sometimes they can be a metaphor for where you’re missing something, that you’re out of alignment with where you’re meant to be going and who you’re meant to be talking to.
The same thing recently happened in my Mastermind. One of my members ran a launch for an online course to the public and got crickets. She changed who she was talking to and has gone above and beyond her expectations.
Yes it’s a little bit woo woo but all I’m saying is to listen.
Take a moment and think… Who do I love to work with? Who are my favourite people to get results for? Where does it flow? What type of social media posts get the most engagement & why?
Want to know the best thing? Facebook ads mean you can pivot like crazy.
Something not working? You get the opportunity to re-invent yourself tomorrow.
Something really working? You can scale and share it with even more people.
If you’re also feeling these vibes, let me know. Maybe you’ve run ads that ‘don’t work’ or another type of marketing only to realise it’s not really where you’re meant to go.