Celebrate 2021 and how far you’ve come

Get ready: Download & print your Know Your Values document.

Marissa Roberts – Scaling & Simplifying your business. Marissa only works a few hours every week on her business because she knows where best her energy is spent – and she’s going to let you in on how she does this so you can too.

Download Marissa’s Simplify & Scale Handout here.

Katrina Potter – Elevating your personal brand – if you’re over your Instagram feeling not quite right, Katrina is going to help you get into more alignment than ever so that everything you’re putting ‘out there’ is a reflection of what’s ‘in you’.

Cindy Taylor – Bookkeper & Intuitive coach, Cindy will be talking on the energy of money, opening up to receive and staying on top of those numbers in 2022.

Download Cindy’s  How to Give Your Money a Purpose Guide here.

Marissa Treichel – Leader of The Cassettes dance troupe, Riss will be leading fun, creative, expressive activities so you can tap into that wonderful side of you!

Download & print the 2022 Branding Workbook document.

Tuesday’s Recordings

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Wednesday’s Recordings

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