The most exciting thing on social media right now…

Instagram stories!
(Bet you thought I was going to say running better Facebook ads 😉)
So many people have recently been telling me that they don’t even bother looking in their feed these days – it’s all about Instagram stories. And let’s not even talk about the lack of new followers…
Instagram introduced the stories feature in 2016, and were widely considered to be replicating SnapChat. However, Instagram stories have now become super popular with over 300 million users ever day. If you don’t know what they are, they’re short 15 second videos and images which are added to your Instagram profile and expire after 24 hours.
And they’re so hot right now!
As Amy Porterfield* said…
“You, as a business owner, can and should be using Instagram and Instagram stories to create more solid, real connections that will go far beyond just chatting on social media if you do it right.”
The changes to the Instagram algorithm means that we’re only seeing a fraction of the accounts we follow in our newsfeed. And most of us are a little over picture perfect magazine style accounts (right??)
Instagram stories are a great way for your fans & potential followers to find out the real YOU, they get to come behind the scenes and not see the absolute styled shots.
I only started dabbling in Instagram stories a few weeks ago. Sure, it was fun and I’d noticed an increase in profile visits when I used them, however… everyone else’s stories looked so much cooler than mine! How were they doing that? And when people talked about creating stories I was like “huh”?
People think that because I’m into social media & I teach it to others I just ‘get it’. But that’s not always the case.
So, I signed up to Success by Stories by Alex Tooby to learn more about it, and.. holy moly!! I get it now! I am having so much fun with Instagram stories and am getting new followers, profile visits and engagement every time.
Honestly, without this course I wouldn’t have ‘gotten it’ – there are a TON of cool tips & tricks to help make your stories look awesome. And I want the same for you.
If you’re interested in growing your following then I highly recommend signing up to Success by Stories.
If you use the hyperlink I’ve shared I’ll also send you a bonus training on how to easily set up Instagram story ads. (See couldn’t quite get through a whole email not mentioning ads!) Instagram story ads are 15 second snippets which – wait for it – you get to hyperlink to your website without needing the swipe up function. They can be a great way to get ‘cheap’ link clicks to your website.
*Amy Porterfield is one of the worlds top social media experts.
**Right now, you only get the swipe up function when you reach 10,000 followers.