The First Bit Of Advice I Ever Heard

Want to know the first piece of advice I ever heard when I got into this online business thing?
Start before you’re ready.
And I have to say my first thought was… Shut up Marie Forleo.
What do you mean I have to start before I’m ready?
But what about email lists, and Facebook posts and my website about page and… all the things that I don’t have READY. There’s no way I can start!
But now, it’s even funnier as five years later I teach others to do the same thing.
That if we wait until everything is ready, we’ll just be writing blog posts for 3 years before we actually sell anything.
That if you’re waiting for something to be perfect before you share it, then you’ll always be waiting. That’s because you’ll be one step to being closer to perfect once you’ve had the first round of feedback.
One of the strategies that I like to share is to start putting out content that relates to what you want to ultimately sell, even if you’re not sure what that looks like yet. Whether it’s blog posts, videos or simply Facebook / Instagram posts. That way you’ll be able to see what your audience responds to and start having the conversations that you need to get started.
You’ll learn much more about what your target market resonates with and be able to create a better product or service.
So if you’re working through your to-do list today, maybe start with a list of things that you’ve been putting off instead. And if one of them is that you can’t market your business because you don’t have the strategy… then as your marketing coach let me tell you that the best strategy is to just start!