Quiz Result – Perfectionist Polly

Perfectionist Polly

You need to have everything planned out before you start. While this can looks great on your socials, perfection may be getting in the way of growing your business. 

Instead of focussing on what others are thinking, focus on you. The more you show up and share your unique fabulousness with the world, the more people will respond. Guaranteed!


Ready to move people with your marketing? Answer these questions…

1. What are you currently offering in your business? 

2. Is it what you really want to be doing?

3. If you were already doing that ‘thing’, how would you be showing up online?

4. What’s one easy way you can show up consistently on social media as the success you already are? (e.g. weekly video on social media, regular emails to your mailing list?

It’s time to show up as the real you!


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