My not-so-secret but works every time hack to consistency

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I want to share a little of what’s been going on for me because it’s been 4 months. Over 4 months since I could get my butt into gear, get over myself and actually record a podcast.

Despite the current trend in my town, where it seems like everyone has taken up running (what ever happened to jogging? Now everyone just runs) I’m not a runner, and I’m definitely not a consistent runner. 

If I was asked to run 5km on the spot right now, I probably would struggle to do it. Just like if you’re asked a question in a meeting that you haven’t prepared for, or pulled up on stage to dance with a band*… your brain freezes and you don’t know what to do.

The reason why we freeze when put on the spot is because we can’t access the brainwave frequencies associated with our creativity and intuition.

This is why even if you write on your to do list write email to subscribers or record podcast only to get to that time of the week and your brain goes blank. You think to yourself nope… I’ve got nothing to say that’s of interest to anyone… I’ll just put it off.

And so you do! You put it off again and again. 

Instead, what I’ve figured out is that in order to be consistent, you need to use those ideas that come to you when you are feeling relaxed and inspired. 

Those bright, clever, funny ideas that you will NEVER remember even if you think you will.

That’s why the secret to consistency is… having a place to write your ideas down! ????

But wait… not just any place, or any piece of paper or random page in a book.

You need SAME place, over and over again. Preferably somewhere on your task management software under “Podcast ideas” or a spreadsheet that you name “Podcast Calendar” or somewhere where when you’re not feeling great, or inspired, or particularly consistent you can return to.

Then you also need to know what your next step is AFTER you write down the ideas, or have time to put them into action. 

You see, when it came to sitting down to record this week, I’d already had the ideas last week when I was feeling relaxed and inspired. They’d been percolating away while I went about my week. So when it came time to “record podcast” on Wednesday… I didn’t freeze up. I just tapped into that relaxed state and I knew that the next step was to find my microphone, open up Garageband and hit record.

This is all part of having a strategy when it comes to your marketing. Note: this is not a “send 3 x emails and post 14 times strategy” which you’ll find all over Instagram. This is a personal strategy for when you get great ideas for your posts, emails or podcasts but can’t drop everything to act on them straight away kind of strategy.

Get this right and it can be like having your own personal assistant who works for you and is at your beck and call whenever you need them.