It’s Time To Stop Worrying About Everyone Else Online

Let’s face it, sometimes I feel like I totally suck at social media. That there’s no way I can be part of the conversation because my thoughts are coming out in fits and starts. I don’t want to be part of the noise. I’ve got nothing profound to say and no one is listening anyway.
And that’s when I remove the barriers. The shouldas, wouldas and the couldas. I just write like no one is reading. Post like no one is liking. Record like no one is watching.
It’s amazing how liberating it is when you’re not writing for anyone else but you.
And if social media algorithms are working against you, no one is going to see it anyway… right? 🤣
So take a moment, if you could dive deep into your heart and say whatever it is you want to say, what would it be?
I dare say that would make a pretty good social post.