It’s Quality vs Quantity with Facebook Posts

A lot of people don’t realize is how the Facebook newsfeed works and what that means when it comes to posting on your Facebook business page. When were on Facebook theres like over hundred and thousands of piece of information that they could deliver to us on any one day in the newsfeed. So how they decide on what to show you is Facebook algorithm, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. And so when your posting as a business page what the Facebook algorithm is measuring is whether the people are liking, commenting, and sharing your post. And how quickly they’re doing it.
So what you’ll find is that when you share a really good piece of content like a funny video, or meme, or something insightful about yourself or your business, and it got so good response quickly is that all of a sudden more people response to it. It’s because Facebook deem it as a piece of worthy content. And it increases your organic reach, which is you know the holy grill in Facebook. But what people don’t realize is that…. Okay go sweet I posted that really awesome thing… now i’m gonna post that link to my workshop or my free webinar on top of that because everyone’s gonna see that.And then no one response to it.
What it actually means is that golden piece of content that you had underneath, that you posted first, is gone. All of a sudden Facebook is gone like… “Okay they posted something else on top of that, so let’s just get that last piece is not worthy anymore. Now we got this new piece. And nobody likes that so we’re not gonna show anything.”
This happened to me last week. And it just reminded me that I needed to let you guys know that, because it’s a mistake that I see a lot of business owners is doing. Oh know but I have all that… Particularly, if you’re scheduling content. It’s something that we should be mindful of, like okay we have a very great piece of content and I’ve got an automated schedule post happening in the day.
Maybe turn it off. Let that post that is getting really great feedback from your audience go for as long as possible. Once people stop responding, then it’s time to start posting again. It’s just a little hack when its actually, this days, it’s more about the quality of your post rather than posting all the time. So remember that.