It’s not a sales page problem you’re having, it’s a traffic problem

The thing is, the fanciest sales page in the world won’t sell your online program or consultations, if the right people aren’t visiting it.
In the online world there’s a lot of chat around sales funnels to sell to people.
In a nutshell this means…
>>> You get a lot of people at the top of the funnel who find out about you, usually these might be people who visit your website from social media or click on your ads that take them to your website (This is called top of funnel i.e. the big end of the funnel)
>>> Those people who then sign up to your mailing list / opt-in / webinar, are then called the middle of the funnel. You can think of them as ‘halfway interested’.
>>> After reading your free download or viewing a webinar an even smaller number of them will visit the sales page.
>>>> Then an even smaller number of them will end up purchasing (this is the bottom of funnel – the very small end)
You can see if you’re not directing enough people at the top end to visit your website in the first place, it won’t matter if you have the most whiz bang sales page in the world because unless you have the most amazing (read: above average) conversion rate, you just won’t have the numbers to convert them into customers.
So maybe if you’re not making the sales you want perhaps it’s not a sales page problem you’re having, it’s actually a traffic problem.
Get this right and you may not even need a proper sales page. Sometimes even just a Paypal button on a regular web page can suffice.
I’m a big believer in keeping it simple but get the right traffic there in the first place.
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