How to Customise MailChimp Sign Up Forms

How to Customise MailChimp Sign Up Forms (so people feel really, really welcome)

The number one thing that a lot of business owners talk to us about is how to convert more leads into sales.

Now when we talk about ‘leads’ in this instance, they’re usually sign ups to an email list. By getting more leads, you’ll build a bigger group of people who are interested in what you do and know what services you offer. Every lead is start of a relationship where you can educate the person and turn them into a customer.

If we think about every email address as a real life person, it makes it easier to understand the need for a good first impression. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve signed up to a mailing list only to be greeted by generic MailChimp sign up forms asking me to ‘Please Confirm Subscription’ (insert robot voice here). It makes me feel undervalued as if the business can’t even be bothered to make their initial contact with me unique to their business.

I’m going to show you how you can customise the whole sign up process from thank you pages to welcome emails so that you can stand out from your competition. It’s your opportunity to blow those potential customers away with how appreciative you are they’ve decided to give you their email address.

Before we begin

These days most people won’t just give you their email address when all you’re offering them is ‘Subscribe for Newsletter Updates.’ If you haven’t created a Lead Magnet yet, you’ll want to read this post on What’s a Lead Magnet and do you really need one? before you start customising the MailChimp sign up forms.

How to Customise MailChimp Sign Up Forms

Login to MailChimp and go to Lists. When you start with MailChimp, having a list is the first thing that they’re going to prompt you to create. If you’ve been using MailChimp for a while, then you’ll have a list ready to go.

  • Select your List
  • Go to Sign up forms, then General forms
  • Select Sign Up Form (default in the dropdown box)

If you’re planning on using the generic MailChimp sign up form (rather than a Pop Up or embedding the sign up into your website), then you want to change most of the layout and design of this section.

Change & format the headline

Change the headline title to give people a good idea of what they’re signing up for, rather than a generic ‘list’. You can also add some more text underneath the headline and by providing a bit more information, then people know what they’re signing up for and they’re going to be more comfortable in giving you their email address.

Change the background & button colour

The generic MailChimp background looks very extremely boring. I don’t know about you but the grey makes me feel pretty sad, and I certainly don’t feel special. You can also change the button colour as well, which is a good idea, because I find that if I know I’m signing up to something that just looks like it’s from MailChimp, it doesn’t make me very excited to sign up. Simply by changing the button and background colours your form will start to look a little bit more interesting but that’s only the first part of the story.

To change the background & button colour

  • Select Design It
  • Body > Change the Background colour
  • Forms > Change the Button colour

Customise the welcome emails & confirmation pages

Finally, to make people feel super special you need to customise all the sign up forms, welcome emails and confirmation pages.

Select these from the dropdown box:

Sign up forms with alerts: there’s not much you can do about this, you can change the alert color if you really felt the need to.

Sign up Thank You page: First of all, you can create a different page, which could be a page on your website and you can direct people to that, using the input box above your MailChimp form. Now the Thank You page is, again, a pretty standard experience for a lot of people but it’s another opportunity for you to give people some love. You might want to give them the link to download your lead magnet immediately or put in a teaser that will entice them to open up the confirmation email. If you do that, all of a sudden you’re giving them a reason to actually open that email that they’re receiving.

Another option you can add in here is links to your social media accounts. It’s just another opportunity to connect with people and then they can find out more about you, particularly if they’re coming in from a Facebook Ad.

Opt in confirmation email: This is THE place where you want to start to make people feel really welcome. We’ve all signed up to emails that say, Please Confirm Subscription in the email subject box and I don’t know about you but it makes me feel very unwelcome. Imagine you’ve just spent money on running Facebook Ads to encourage people to join your mailing list,  then you really want to make a good first impression. You want to make sure that you Edit the email subject line and the content. If you haven’t already changed your button colour, do this now too.

Confirmation thank you page: The more custom you make it, the better the people are going to feel like you actually care about them and that you’re not going to be spamming them but actually giving them quality information that they care about. And by custom you might want to add an image saying ‘Thank you’ or links to your social media. Whatever you do, just change something! If you update these emails, you don’t need to thank people for subscribing on the Confirmation page as they already feel welcome.

Final Welcome Email: I really hate seeing your subscription to this list has been confirmed. Make it fun, make it cheeky, make it sound like your brand. This is where they will receive your lead magnet if you’ve promised them.

You can also link out to some upcoming workshop dates, maybe you have a blog post that will be useful to people who have just subscribed. Use this as an opportunity to love your customers even more!

Here’s when the fun happens

Now that someone has willingly given you their email address and signed up for your list – don’t forget that they’re there. If you want more motivation on how important follow up is for your potential customers, check out these stats from HubSpot. Set yourself a reminder to send weekly, fortnightly or monthly emails. If the people on your list never hear from you then there’s no opportunity for them to do business with you!

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