How do you know if you’re ready for lead generation?

This week has been a little tough if you run ads for yourself or for others.
The reason being, Facebook Ads Manager has been going through a pretty major overhaul to make our lives ‘easier’ but also making them harder by taking the whole system offline. And making the new interface ugly… but that’s another story.
In my free Facebook Group Adsolutely Fabulous, here’s how some people dealt with the downtime –
– Going to take a break and hit the gym and the pool
– Taking advantage of this nice weather heading to Federal for lunch.
– As for me, I decided to do some other things in my business and would circle back when the time is right (the surf was flat otherwise I would have done that 🤣)
The thing is, for some of my Coaching Clients, they haven’t been having any problems with their ads. In fact, their ads are working so well they’re getting opt-ins to their lead magnets for as low as $1.20.
They’ve been saying things like ‘I doubled my list in 3 days’ and ‘I increased my list by 200 in 2 weeks.’
And this is all with ads that they’ve written and set up themselves in Ads Manager. I keep telling them that these costs are great (actually amazing!) but I’m not sure if they believe me yet.
Getting leads in your business is a great marketing tool for almost any business of any size. It allows new people to get to know you, like you and start to trust you with the valuable content you share.
So if you’ve been running ads this week, I hope that they’ve gone back to normal. And if they haven’t maybe you’ve gone for a bike ride in the sunshine instead.