Holy Moly This Email Marketing Thing Works

(So much so I had to take a week off)
I was chatting to a friend last week about her coaching business and tactics about how she would be able to promote her upcoming program.
I told her something you’ve probably heard from me before… and that is that your programs, courses and sales will most likely come from people who have had contact with you before.
And that’s where email marketing can really help.
But no one in the world is going to sign up to her mailing list on her website for ‘fortnightly doses of inspiration.’
You need to give people a really good reason to hand over their email address.
And once you are lucky enough to have someone sign up (as I am with you!)
You need to value that person.
And communicate with them… regularly.
Now before you go… but Miranda I haven’t emailed anyone who’s on my list for… 7 months!
I get it. Last year I emailed out to my mailing list about 3 times. Maybe 4.
But this year, I’ve turned things around and you hear from me weekly. Sure subscriber numbers have gone down but I love it! I’m able to share my views, give you tips and inspiration.
And do you know what?
I’ve had more enquiries than ever. And more great clients seeking me out.
The good news is, you can turn things around.The people who that stay will appreciate what you send them (as long as what you share is valuable!)
It’s amazing what can happen if you start to put more of YOU out there.
So don’t feel bad, start emailing your ‘list’ this week!