Finding the Magic Online

This week I put it out on my Instagram stories a joke about what I missed in not having a real job, which was I miss ‘having a boss’ and then also that I don’t miss ‘having a boss.’I then used the question feature on Instagram stories to ask my followers about what they did and didn’t miss. I was tapping into the fact that I talk to a lot of small business owners usually and so I knew they would get it.

The usual things they missed were things such as paid leave, regular pay cheques, colleagues and connection. And the biggest things that people said they didn’t miss were having to be there 9-5, work around someone else’s schedule and dressed to work in an office. I totally related to everything. Even the woman who said she didn’t miss ‘passive aggressive sighs.’ ?And I loved that I could use Instagram stories to connect with people in this way. Even if we were all sitting in our own houses… together

Whether you’re a business owner or you do the marketing for someone else, creating a connection is one of the most powerful aspects of your online marketing and advertising. The way of you can reach out from social media and say ‘I see you, I get you, let’s do this’ means that people feel part of something bigger, that it’s not just them who has this problem.*So I challenge you this week to ask your audience something that will see them reveal a bit more about themselves, allowing you to connect with them.

Even if it’s as simple as ‘do you like this colour or that’ or ‘what are you struggling with right now?’ because the best marketing doesn’t seem like marketing at all. And that’s where the real magic is.

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