Want to be able to get new clients with ease?

... Then you're in the right place.

Want to be able to get new clients with ease?

... Then you're in the right place.

At times running your own business kinda sucks.

... Especially when you get overwhelmed by new tech (and ideas) all the time!

And if you’re like most of the solo-operators I work with, you got into this business because you want to help more people… not spending all day trying to figure out the latest technology.

Whether you currently use social media to promote your online course, membership, group coaching program or 1:1 clients… you've probably figured out that clients do NOT just attract themselves!

Think about it...

Most of your clients haven’t just found you on Google, have they?

They are often referred to you or they find you on social media.

And what happens on social media… It's usually where decide whether they "like" and want to work with you.  

So if you’re currently doing this…

  • Posting randomly on social media
  • Not emailing your list because you’re worried about people unsubscribing
  • Not growing your list because you're not sure how to
  • Hoping that spending $20 on Boosted Posts will solve all your problems
  • Spending more time googling than taking action
  • Having all the ideas but nowhere to put them...

(Or simply crossing your fingers that your clients will book in or join your online program...)

You really are selling yourself short.

And if you don't start selling yourself the right way...
who will?

How is your current system working out for you?

If you’re like most who come to start working with me, it’s very likely a "ok, but I'd like it to do better”

But all of this is a good place to be in!

Because when you’re not picking up ideal clients all the time, sometimes it’s as simple as having a system to follow.

The Right System For Attracting Clients Doesn’t Just Increase Your Followers it also:

  • Establishes you as the authority in your marketplace
  • Helps you ditch those feelings of imposter syndrome
  • Prevents overwhelm as you know exactly where to best spend your time to see results
  • Creates a plan that feels easy and enjoyable to do
  • And… it does all of this for without YOU having to be overly salesy and sleazy!

Your Personal Marketing System is your secret weapon to online success.

When you look around at all the successful online personalities you follow and look up to…

They ALL have a way of Attracting Their Ideal Customers in a way that people say...

"I need that!" "I want in" "I MUST work with her!"

And if this isn't happening to you regularly the answer is quite simple.

Not enough people know about how awesome you are!

The #1 Mistake Coaches & Consultants Make

When clients don't buy immediately from their website or one social media post, they think that “social media marketing doesn’t work for them” so they stop posting.

They think that no one likes them. And if you’re doing this, you’re risking the opportunity to find out what your clients really want from you.

You probably already know that Out of Sight = Out of Mind. And this is absolutely true on social media.

Followed by Mistake #2...

When they don’t see the results they want by showing up regularly, they start to try Facebook & Instagram ads.

They hit "boost post" and wonder why their $20 didn't turn into $2000. While it may seem like Facebook Ads Manager is out to get you, if this has happened, it's not.

Running paid ads for your business can work, you need to know the rules of HOW they work AND best practice to see the best bang for your buck.

Finally Mistake #3...

Ignoring the PROBLEM by throwing money at someone else. Some small business owners think that their marketing (or lack thereof) is the cause of their current state of overwhelm so they go out and try and find a (preferably low cost) assistant to “fix it”.

But the reality is, getting someone else to do your marketing for you doesn’t make the problem go away!

Not to mention if you want someone who is an experienced Ads Manager to help you with paid ads isn't cheap.

Is your brand message so clear that you can just pass it on to someone else to just "DO" for you?

Do you think that if you have someone do your social media for you they will be able to connect with your ideal customer like you will?

... Even if you're the one speaking with clients and potential clients... ALL THE TIME?

And after working with hundreds of business owners on both their marketing and helping them to run profitable Facebook and Instagram ads, it’s as clear and simple as this:

You aren’t here to worry about your Marketing…

You’re here to get connect with your Message!

Once you are clear on...

1. What you want people to buy from you

2. How you're going to motivate them to take action

3. Why they need to do business with you

Everything will fall into place!

When you LEARN and MASTER this system, you will be able to take this with you everywhere you go!

Do You Currently Suffer from Overwhelm in Your Business?

If you’re like most who have read this far, you’re starting to see the possibility of what an Invisible Social Media System and what it will do to get yourself out there. But you’re probably imagining yourself staring at a computer screen while you ask...

“How on earth am I supposed to find time to learn all this?

What do I even do? How do I even start it? And how do I make sure I’m getting out there without adding more to my overflowing to do list?

It can be so daunting that you avoid thinking about it. Or worse, you go on to post or send and simply get distracted scrolling… scrolling… scrolling... I get it.

But here’s a secret for you…

Successful business owners don’t just post randomly...
They don’t just boost a post and hope for the best…

You see there is a RECIPE to Social Media Success. And if you’re missing even just one ingredient you run the risk of being lost in the busy online world.

So just like a riddle…

How do you accomplish anything? One step at a time.

We can ask a similar question…

How do you find clients who want exactly what you’re offering?
One. Step. At. A Time.

There is also a specific plan to the system. PLUS… each step must be actioned in the right way.

So what if you had a lot of step-by-step instructions for this plan?

One that sees getting the BEST of you out into the world?

One that you could follow this is simple and doesn’t require you to get overwhelmed by technology?

No more overwhelm!

No more worrying about others think (because you have a PLAN)!

No more wasting time and money!

… Imagine if you had a step by step plan for not just WHAT to post but also how to RUN PAID ADS

… Imagine if you could do it NOT just on your own but with a MARKETING MENTOR

You would have your own marketing team… ready to help you LAUNCH your next product or service.

And you already know once you’ve done it once, you can do it again! In fact, the more that you learn HOW the easier it will become. No more googling for answers… you KNOW the answers!

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Well you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because… it’s here


Adsolutely Fabulous Business Crew

The Invisible Social Media Selling System for Solo Business Women Who Want To Attract More Clients Online

  • The Fastest Way to Get Your Business Out There Without Overwhelm
  • Activate your Audience and Be Seen By More People
  • The Hidden Secret to Success... Working With Your Own Marketing Mentor


Not DO-IT-YOURSELF (or for like most online courses... buy and never do)

Penny Murden, Mindset Coach

"I’m expressing myself more clearly and as an added bonus my followers continue to increase!"

“When I joined the Adsolutely Fabulous Business Crew I had an Instagram profile and a website. I’m a pilates instructor and in the lockdowns all the pilates studios shut down so I had to move my business online. Over the past year I’ve started to use my Instagram more pro-actively and more email marketing. Since then I’ve created women’s events on the Gold Coast and Miranda has helped me to promote these online and using paid ads. I’m now starting to using my film and production experience for video coaching for small businesses. Miranda has been super supportive to me during this as well. I feel as though I’m expressing myself more clearly and as an added bonus my followers continue to increase!”

Penny Murden, Mindset Coach

"By the end of the week, I’d done a live zoom call with another coach which is the start of my YouTube and Podcast"

“Recently Miranda challenged me to do 7 days of Instagram videos with me talking. I was so nervous and each video took me about 8 goes to make. By the end of the week, I’d done a live zoom call with another coach which is the start of my YouTube and Podcast Inspired Love with Marta. I’m not sure if I’m happy that I’m now doing video but I’m happy that I’ve started.”

Marta- Eat Inspire Love with Marta

Clare Marcangelo, Children's Nutritionist

"The ad I have running works beautifully at the moment, and I am in a space now to make myself schedule organic posts again too"

"What I do know is that I will never enjoy social media (lol) and I’ve made peace with that. The ad I have running works beautifully at the moment, and I am in a space now to make myself schedule organic posts again too. It’s so up and down isn’t it!? For weeks you feel like you can post and then you can’t even look at a platform for sometime. I know this is a common cycle so I’m trying to work with it rather than against it which results in burn out, resentment and posts that read well but never achieve as that resentment is breathed into them I guess.”

Clare - The Children’s Nutritionist

What's included in the Adsolutely Fabulous Business Crew?

One of biggest insights people have in the Ad Fab Business Crew is to realise that posting on social media without having a plan in mind means you’ll just be creating more work for yourself. 

In this Quick Start module you’ll be on your way to creating a funnel for your audience, without even really trying.


  • My Unique Approach to Create Your Own Online Funnel with Zero Resistance
  • Discover How Many Marketing Opportunities You Have Available (Even at Low or No Cost!)

You’ve probably heard that you need to know your niche but often this can cause more problems. In this NEW take on niching, you’ll uncover not just who you want to attract but how to get in front of them.


  • What Online Gurus Don’t Tell You About Niching
  • The Secret to Building Authority Online
  • Activate Your Instagram To Attract Clients

Get ready to Rock Your Lead Magnet & Get leads on Auto-Pilot! Your Lead Magnet is one of the most important parts of your online marketing toolkit. But so many people simply create one and never revisit it even though the plan for their business changes. 


  • Which Lead Magnet Is Right For You
  • How to Activate Your Lead Magnet to Create & Build Online Relationships
  • Essential Guide for Running Ads To Your Lead Magnet

I’ve helped launch so many different types of offers out into the world from low end memberships to high end coaching programs. I bring this experience to you in order to make your next online launch a success.


  • The Quickest Way To Launch
  • What You’ll Want to Plan For in Any Launch
  • A Step By Step Guide to Avoid Launch Burn Out

There's no point just creating one post and never sharing it again, the real secret is knowing how to use the same content over and over again!


  • The sneaky way to Repurpose Your Content
  • How to create one piece of content to share over and over again!

It's time to get your phone out and start creating! Kicking off with Instagram Reels, Module 6 will be your go-to for working out those pesky tech issues when it comes to content creation.


  • The secret to creating Instagram Reels - Fast!
  • Coming soon: Easy Video Set Up & Activate Your Phone for Selfie Success!

Get Ready To Take Action

Every week you get my head in your business, offering you insights and strategies from working with multiple 6 figure and 7 figure businesses.

Just because your approach to marketing may have been haphazard before it doesn’t mean it has to be for any longer.

I want to help you stay on the right marketing track.

I also want to give you new insights and excite you as you dance along that track

I Guarantee You Will Learn How to:

  • Take better photos & videos
  • Be consistent with your email marketing
  • Plan toward Program Launches
  • Connect With New Audiences
  • Set Up Paid Ads

When you join the sky isn't even the limit... we've had members start podcasts, sell courses, open doors to memberships and so much more.

Ad Fab Business Crew Membership includes access to...

Easy As Facebook Ads

Learn How to Run Successful Paid Facebook & Instagram Ads (Even if They've Never Worked For You Before!)

  • Set up Your Own Marketing Funnel
  • Easily run ads that target your ideal customers
  • Automatically follow up with your leads to work with you



Take the Stress out of Setting Up Your Personal Marketing System

MOST people don’t buy or book in with you straight away. They will dip their toe in and out and follow you on social media, sign up to your mailing list and then decide to work for you.

What you want to be doing is spending time connecting with your customers.

And building Like, Know, Trust factor in front of new people... on auto-pilot.

That's where running strategic Facebook ads can really help. You'll be found by more people than those who already know you.

When you have PMS (see what I did there) you don't need to spend all your time making funny Instagram videos, you can get back to running your business because

You'll be growing your mailing list, generating new leads and enquiries... without you doing ALL THE WORK.

Meet Clare... a Children's Nutritionist who specialises in kids with ADHD and autism. Together we set up an ad in 2020... that ran until 2021. We've recently changed the ad but it has been bringing clients to her - for over a year!

And Sheree... a Naturopath specialising in Menopause has grown her mailing list by over 300 for $2.13 per lead. She's growing her Facebook group members AND gaining new clients in the process.

Neither Clare or Sheree had ever run Facebook ads that 'worked' before. That was until they joined the Adsolutely Fabulous Business Crew.

Caroline Giles- Experience Yoga

"I’m learning where to find my ideal client, understand the backend of Facebook ads and know if my money spend on ads is working! Miranda helps me laugh about the nuances and gets me down to work. So so beneficial for this small business."

"I joined the Ad Fab Crew in March 2021, as creating a meaningful presence in the online world since Covid requires specific expertise. And that’s exactly what I’m getting with Miranda! I’m learning where to find my ideal client, understand the backend of Facebook ads and know if my money spend on ads is working! Miranda helps me laugh about the nuances and gets me down to work. So so beneficial for this small business.”

Caroline Giles- Experience Yoga

"I'm a Marketer myself...The weekly coaching calls really help me to stay on track"

“I’m a Marketer myself and so I know all of the things Miranda talks about. But my goal as being part of the crew is to move from do as I say, not do as I do to Do as I freaking Do. The weekly coaching calls really help me stay on track”

Belinda Bow - Green Chili Marketing

"I learnt things about HOW to actually advertise in Facebook... The guidance from Miranda in all things marketing, from copy development, sales pages and a kick up the bum I needed to do the basics again as been just what I needed!"

“I asked around to find the best person to guide me in my knowledge initially of facebook advertising - and the feedback I got was Miranda was the go-to person for this! After speaking with Miranda I jumped in to the Ad Fab Crew and it is has been way more than I thought! Not only have I learnt things about HOW to actually advertise in Facebook (who knew we could be so targeted!!) but it really is the bigger picture that I have found invaluable. The guidance from Miranda in all things marketing, from copy development, sales pages and a kick up the bum I needed to do the basics again has been just what I needed!”

Rachel Aldridge - In Nature’s Hands

Hello! I'm Miranda

I'm a rollerskating Mum of 2 & a Marketing Coach.

I'm on a mission to help you love your marketing so you can help more people with your unique gifts.

If you've thought that life would be better if someone just started posting for you, or you just really can't be bothered then I want you to know this...

By paying someone else to 'do your socials' without understanding what I share in the book, your socials will continue not to work.

Most people I talk to think they're 'doing social media' when in reality they're not. They're scrolling through Facebook hoping that inspiration will come and bite them on the bum.

They're posting and 'hoping' that someone will book in.

Let's forget about the hope and start taking solid steps towards a future where you know what you're doing, why you're doing it and people are responding!

I can't wait to be Your Marketing Mentor For the Next 6 Months

There's no point having information without applying it...
weekly coaching calls per month for the next 6 months!

When you join the Adsolutely Fabulous Business Crew you get access to:

  • Adsolutely Fabulous Business Crew + Easy As Facebook Ads (value $997)
  • Weekly Strategy Calls for 6 Months ($3600 value)
  • Fortnightly Facebook Set Up & Troubleshooting Calls ($1800 value)
  • VIP Ad Fab Crew Facebook Group ($2520 value)

(value $8917)

All for $3000 (including GST)

But wait... there's more!

Your Personal Ads Manager at a fraction of the cost!
(value $6000)
For the past 4+ years I've managed Facebook ads for clients spending of thousands of dollars every month. By joining the Ad Fab Crew you'll receive instructions on how to add me into your Ads Manager so I can review and change ads on your behalf. No matter what your ad spend is, you'll know it's being spent wisely!


1:1 Coaching Strategy Session (value $330)

Social Media Audit & Website Audit (Value $297)

Total Value $15544

Join the Ad Fab Crew Now...

Lock it in before the price rises

Total value: $15544

Join Now for 6 payments of $500 ($3000)

OR Pay In Full $2850 and save $150



What type of businesses is this for?

Current members of the Absolutely Fabulous Business Crew range from Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists to Dating Coaches and Marketers. Over the past 7 years I’ve helped to market everything from online courses to memberships, consultations to packages. If you’re not sure whether it’s right, get in touch with me on hello@mirandaivey.com or book in a call here https://calendly.com/mirandaivey/discovery-call   

Is this for e-commerce businesses?

I do love working with e-commerce businesses however this particular program is designed for the solo service based business or online course creator in mind. E-commerce requires a focus on product images and paid ads which while I can do, isn’t part of this program.  

Is it just social media and paid ads I’ll be learning?

Yes and so much more. You’ll learn about the online eco-system and how each part supports each other. You’ll learn why being consistent is the best thing you’ll ever do for your business and how to make it work for you.

When are the weekly marketing strategy calls?

The weekly marketing strategy calls take place at 1pm Sydney time on Tuesdays. The fortnightly Facebook ads troubleshooting calls take place at 1pm Sydney time on Thursdays. These calls are usually around 2 hours and everyone who needs to ask questions can do so.  

If I can’t make the live calls, are they recorded? 

Yes, these are sent out at the end of every week so you can listen back if you can’t remember.  

I don’t think I’ll always be able to make the live calls, can I still join?

Yes of course! Our VIP Facebook Group is available 24/7 for questions and feedback. I often record short videos giving reviews of sales pages and updates in your Ads Manager for you to keep.  

What does “adding you into my Ads Manager” even mean? Why is this worth so much?

As an experienced Facebook Ads Manager I charge upwards of $2000 per month for managing ads. By adding me in as a user on your account, I’m able to help monitor your ads with you. This means that if you’re spending money and not seeing results, we can quickly adapt what’s going on. And if you are seeing results, we’re also able to scale. This type of coaching isn’t available in many programs so it’s a fabulous opportunity.  

I don’t think I’m ready to run paid ads in my business, is this course right for me?

Yes! Many group members are seeing success even without paid ads. Others are creating different ads for different offers. This group is all about working out what’s right for you - and maximising those efforts.  

I’m on the fence about joining, can I talk to you Miranda?

Of course, I have some spaces available to chat over the next week here - book in your call with me before the price increase https://calendly.com/mirandaivey/discovery-call 

If I’m not ready right now - can I join later?

Yes for sure. Doors to this round will close on May 26 and after that the price will increase. However if you want to lock in your top notch marketing mentoring experience at the lowest price possible, you’ll want to join now. 

I’ve never been part of a group coaching program before, what’s the vibe?

My aim with the Absolutely Fabulous Business Crew is to make it very supportive of everyone involved. I want it to be one of the most positive “even what you think is a stupid question actually isn’t” spaces on the internet. I don’t tolerate negative behaviour, we’re all here to learn and we’re all here to lift each other up.  

Join the Ad Fab Crew...

Go from Flop to Fabulous Now!

What's included:

Adsolutely Fabulous Business Crew + Easy As Facebook Ads Program (value $997)

6 Months Marketing Mentoring (6 times per month!) Including Weekly Strategy Calls and Fortnightly Facebook Ads Set Up & Troubleshooting Calls (value $7920)


Add me into your Ads Manager (value $6000)

Total value: $15544

Join Now for 6 payments of $500 ($3000)

Privacy Policy | Copyright Miranda Ivey Media 2021

Disclaimer: This results of this program vary from business to business. The people who see the best results are those who turn up to coaching calls, do the work and are willing to try new things. If that's not you, I suggest that this program isn't the right one for you.