Here's to you!

Whether you're getting ready to speak on stage, put out a new offer into the world or simply speak up more, I created this for you. I know that there's plenty of times I've wished I was more confident. But in reality I didn't actually need much to get started.

That's where this short hypnosis comes in. Let's find a way to get through to your very smart and very big brain that quite frankly... you've got this.

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Stay fabulous,
Miranda x

Miranda Ivey,
Facebook Ads, NLP Coach & Storyteller

How to make this hypnosis work for you.


Get focused

Grab your journal and a pen


Give yourself time

Find a quiet space or use your headphones to block out the world.


Be comfortable

Lie down or sit comfortably. Make sure you're warm.


Tune out

Hit play, close your eyes and enjoy the peaceful moment.


Tune in

Journal on what comes up afterwards. I love to take time to reflect after meditation or hypnosis. It's amazing how clear your thoughts can be afterwards.


Then consider these three questions...

If you're still feeling stuck, this is when I love to expand where your thinking is at. Often I find in my coaching sessions that it can only take a few questions to stop feeling stuck and start thinking of new possibilities.

Question #1

What would you do or put out into the world if you had ALL the confidence you needed to do it?

Question #2

When was the last time you felt really confident (in business or life)?

Question #3

What's your next first step to making your confident dreams happen?

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