Creating Your Dream Team with Paula Maidens

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We often start a business with grand ideals of what we want to offer and share with the world. But what happens when we’re ready to grow and hire new people to be part of our team? In this episode I talk with Hiring & Leadership Coach Paula Maidens about what it means to be a leader and how we can bring other people into our world with ease. I know I’ve made a few ‘quick fix’ hiring mistakes over the years and I love what Paula shares to make sure that you’re hiring the right people for the right reasons. Whether you’ve already got a crew of team members or you’re looking to start outsourcing, this episode is for you!

2.10 What is a dream team
5.50 Hiring to get more time to do what you love
7.10 Where do people go wrong in hiring
13.44 Why just giving someone a go is something you might want to avoid
14.54 How to make your team profitable from the beginning
21.54 How to start letting go when pride gets in the way
25.15 Why Paula loves working from home & how she fills her cup

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