In my One Amazing Ad Mastermind, I’ll share with you all the tricks in my Facebook ad rule book to create one amazing ad to help you get closer to achieving your business goals.

You’ll learn an easy ad strategy that actually works.

Because when it comes to Facebook ads you need to know…

What works

How to get them to take action

Why you can’t expect your ads to do ALL the work!


  • You want to have an ads strategy in place that’s smart and involves retargeting
  • You want to be able to manage your ad spend & see results
  • You’re spending up to $1500 a month on Facebook & Instagram ads


  • You’re happy relying on word of mouth
  • Or you have a consistent lead generation & sales funnel in place
  • Your monthly ad spend is $1500 and above*



One of my clients has seen her ads cost halve by implementing a new strategy on her Facebook page. This has been combined with new ad copy & images. Her relevance scores have gone up and this has meant that Facebook determines her ads as ‘more worthy’.


They place higher in the newsfeed and get BETTER RESULTS.


And another one of my intensive clients has taken the strategy given, run with it and now their ads are returning FANTASTIC engagement and results. As in people know what they’re looking at and how to take action all from just ONE AD…The answer? Better ad copy, understanding where to direct people to from Facebook and what kind of offers will get their audience motivated.


Yes, it IS possible!

What you’ll learn in my

One Amazing Ad Mastermind

  • What makes a high performing ad and what to look for yourself
  • What offers you can make to get people clicking and converting
  • What you need on your landing page or sales page in order to get people to take action
  • How to set up your ads for conversions or traffic

Join me for a 6-week Mastermind experience including:


✔️   1hr 1:1 Kick off session with me (value $297)

✔️   4 weeks of Live Workshops & group feedback sessions (value $799)

✔️   Lifetime access to call recordings (value $99)

✔️   6-week access to a private Facebook group with opportunities for personalised video feedback ($599)


Total value: $1794


Doors open again soon. Contact me to join the waitlist.

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