Can you just throw lots of money at Facebook ads (and it will work?)

It’s a BIG question that I often come up against.
People assume that the more they spend on Facebook ads, the less involvement they need to have on their social media pages.
But it couldn’t be further from the truth.
To me, Facebook & Instagram as an eco-system. Everything is intertwined in a front facing way, as in your potential customers will let you know when you’re doing a good job with the interaction they have with your posts.
And on the other side, the more positive interaction & engagement that your posts have, the better off your paid ads will perform.
Together they inform one another…
From an algorithm perspective, ‘this business posts worthy & relevant content, so their ads will be worthy & relevant.’
While your potential customers think ‘their posts really speak to me and where I’m at, so their ads & paid products must be worthy’
So if you do want to start running ads (or spending more on them if you already are) ensure that you are backed up by a strong social strategy, where it’s all about quality over quantity.
By really understanding who your potential clients are & what they’re looking for from you, your ads budget will be much better spent.