Better Engagement on Your Page = Better Facebook Ads

If you’ve tried running Facebook ads and think that they’re a waste of money, here’s a free tactic that you to try that can transform your experience.
If you have a Facebook page where you never post anything and get low engagement it will affect how well your ads perform. You can’t just throw money at Facebook and hope it works.

Check out this video about what you can do instead and then use the 10 steps to get you there faster!

How to record video for your Facebook page in 10 easy steps👇

Let me know if you’re going to change up anything on your Facebook page below.

Video Transcript:

So you’re thinking about running some Facebook Ads. You’re thinking like maybe Ive  heard all the things about all the other people making some money on Facebook. But how do I actually get started? Well, im gonna give you a pretty good tip here that I tell all of my clients when theyre going like… “I want my Facebook Ads to work.”
You actually need to be doing some other stuff in the background. Its not just all about putting money into Facebook and hoping that its going to turn into thousand if not millions of dollars.
What Im going to say is that you need to start better content in your page. And you actually wanna start doing that, while you’re running Facebook ads but even before you’re ready to deep your toes in the water and go… “Yes please Facebook tell more people about my business.”
You need to start posting better content in your page. So you actually need to get over yourself and start posting more videos were you are offering value to people. Videos are the best thing that you can do in your Facebook page. Facebook loves videos. And I’m not talking about sharing funny cat videos. Well, funny and relevant if your offering cat services. However what you will be doing is sharing value. Much like this video, where I’m offering to solve people problems for free. People start to get to know me. You’ll hear my voice and you go… “Maybe she know a thing or two about Facebook Ads. And maybe I need to find out more from her and how she works with people.”
You can do this. You need to start getting over yourself. To run better Facebook ads you need to post quality content on your page. Not just sharing other people’s content but actually sharing native content on Facebook. So posting videos. Doing Facebook Lives. Where you talk about yourself as well. Or show people where you work, whether you work in a place where people come and see you. Or if your a consultant or naturopath, people can see the rooms with you consulting and the types of problems that you’ve solve for people. There’s so many things that you can do with video.
And trust me if you start posting regularly on your page, with videos and Facebook lives. You’ll notice that when it comes to running Facebook ads. You’re actually going to pay less for your clicks, pay less for your leads, pay less for your post engagement. And the reason is Facebook goes… that person or that business is posting regularly and people finding a value. They are liking, commenting, and sharing the post. That means the ads must also be good. That means we’re gonna show their ads higher in the newsfeed. Show it to better types of people who will take those types of actions. You’ve got to really, not just expect the Facebook ads to do all the work. You need to remember that it’s a whole ecosystem.
And definitely start posting on your Facebook page more and your ads will actually start running better. So get over yourself. Start running some more videos. And when it comes to running Facebook ads you’ll noticed that the cost will decrease.