Be Specific In Your Copywriting To Attract More of Who You Want

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Following on from Episode 14 with Sophia Pallas, in this episode I cover some easy copywriting tactics that you can use to attract more of your customers. There’s no point offering a blanket approach to copywriting anymore as everyone is so busy, your Facebook ad or sales page will glide on by. By calling out who you want to attract on your website and in your paid ads, your copy will connect more with the people who need it most. For a system how to connect more with your customers download my book ‘No One Wants To Buy Your Stuff’ on my website Mirandaivey.com/book or buy a hardcopy on Amazon and Booktopia.

In this episode:

    • 2.42 Why trying to talk to everyone is talking to no one
    • 5.14 The places where you want to call out who you want to attract
    • 5.28 #1 question need to ask yourself when you’re writing any type of copy
    • 8.17 Using your personal experience in your copy
    • 9.36 Why the kids TV show Bluey is a great example of connecting with your audience
    • 12.10 Steps to go back and review your copy now