Embracing Who You Are with Astrology Focused Copywriter Sophia Pallas

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Sophia Pallas is an amazing copywriter who has been interested in astrology since she was a teenager. In this chat, she shares how anyone can get started using working by the moon phases to have more energy in their business. As well as how she feels like her marketing is so much easier now that she is embracing being more herself.

We cover everything from her recent name change (hint: it’s not what you expect!) and also some awesome copywriting tips that anyone can start to use from today.

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7.30    How Sophia started working with the phases of the moon
10.25  How to start noticing your energy around the moon
11.14   Planning your online launches with the moon
12.44  When it’s best to hold strategy days in your business
15.16  Embracing the meaning of the moon
18.35  This isn’t where she intended her business to go
21.23  How she lets her hair down
24.38  The story behind her name change
32.06  How she feels about marketing
36.41  The secret to good copywriting
39.11  Why the connection is in the details

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