Are You Missing The Human Element

Honestly, the biggest kick I get out of writing this every week is that I get to connect with fellow humans (that’s you!)
Too often in the world of automated sales funnels, worrying about retargeting or selling more online courses or products there can be something missing. That element can also turn the tide from crickets to clickers…on your website 😉
And it’s what I call the human element.
You see, the biggest success you’ll have when it comes to your online marketing is when you can make people feel something. When your post, Facebook ad or video reaches out from the computer and says ‘I see you’. It’s the personal email response you send that says I actually received and read your message. It’s when you connect with your audience beyond just follower counts, reach and click through rates.
And despite the way in which we now spend our time connecting in front of screens, this is where you’ll have the biggest impact. It’s where the magic happens. Yesterday I called a potential client. I just called them, I hadn’t made an appointment or anything. It was nuts, I felt so wild! But also really fabulous to chat.
It reminded me of my music publicity days, when I couldn’t wait for an editor or presenter to respond to my email because they probably received 300 emails a day. But if I called them I would be able to get the cut through and connect with them to score the interview (and back then the ABC switchboard was one of the numbers I knew by heart.)
So if you’re worried about business being quiet, or maybe you want to ramp things up a bit, pick up the phone and speak to a client you haven’t heard from for a while.
Perhaps you could even arrange a coffee date with someone… [insert shock horror emoji here]