Are Facebook Ads truly the answer to all your problems?

People often come to me wanting to run their Facebook ads for to get their business or online programs ‘out there’. With my background in PR & festival marketing, an online launch comes naturally to me and I’m often asked to train people in how to run ads or completely ‘take over’ the running of their campaigns.

But I have to say about 97% of the time, there’s more work that needs to be done to get an online program ‘launched’
And not in a boring work way (c’mon you have to remember y’all are the trailblazers who are have already figured out working for yourself from anywhere is awesome and everyone else is only slowly realising this) but it’s more in a nuts and bolts, nitty gritty kind of way.

As in, if you want people to buy that ‘course’ that you’re selling but there’s also a few things behind the scenes that needs to happen. (Social posts, sales pages, lead events – you get the idea)

Seeing I’ve gone through this process more times than I can count with a bunch of different businesses and a variety of different industries, I’ve noticed that the same things came up over and over.

So then I thought, well how do I do it?

How do I make sure that my community (or my clients community) know about the online programs that I’m launching or events I’m running in a way that gets them excited enough to get out their wallets and purchase?

It comes down to this:

  • Work out what I’m selling, when I’m going to do it (and most importantly get these dates out of my brain and onto paper) Build hype
  • Get creative in how I launch so I can enjoy the selling process
  • Make sure that I tell people enough times & give them lots of different reasons to purchase
  • Know that I’ve done everything I can do to the best job possible
  • Review the results and see what I can do to do it again or improve

And if that all sounds like too much work (there’s that work again – this is meant to be enjoyable!) I have created a step-by-step 28 Day Launch Plan and Checklist.

I initially created this as part of my new Ad Fab Business Crew program but thought hey, more people need to know this.

  • If you’re ready to learn…
  • How to create a Marketing Plan for your launch
  • What lead events build the like, know, trust factor fast
  • Social media posts that will help you articulate what you’re selling (instead of simply saying BUY NOW 57 different times)
  • The all important Cart Open email timings & example emails
  • Week by week checklists so you can tick it off and know that for once YOU HAVE TICKED ALL THE BOXES
  • A super simple review process so you can see how far you’ve come

If you’ve already got an online program or maybe you’re thinking about thinking about a program (I mean to write that FYI) then come over and check it out. It’s only $27 (because all things on the internet are apparently $27 right now) so you can get the nitty gritty details DONE and start enjoying the launch process.

The reason why I don’t think Facebook ads are the answer to everyone’s launch problems is that covering off these other organic promotions is actually just as – if not more – important.

These are the people who are already following you & engaging with you and so if you’ve wanted to ignite your email list into action, then this is for you. Facebook ads can be a big part of launches but can often cause more feelings of hopelessness than happiness if you’re just starting out.

I 100% guarantee that having fun with your launch possible for you. Get started today.

28 Days to Launch

P.S. If you’re wondering why my sales page isn’t super fancy it’s because I’m testing out a new online course platform called Podia. I’m interested in it because it has $0 transaction fees and has been very easy to set up. It does seem fairly basic in some of the selling features so I may end up syncing it with Lead Pages as well. If you’re thinking of running an online program and haven’t yet got a platform I would encourage you to check it out as I am preferring it over Teachable at the moment.