Are you at the point of wanting…

  • To really nail your Facebook ads
  • To know how to value (and price)  your services
  • To stop worrying about whether your clients are going to be happy at the end of the month?

I want to help you get there.

I’ve been running my own social media business for the past 5 years, 3 of those exclusively running Facebook ads.

Why? Because after doing ALL the things from social media management to email sequences, designing websites to fixing landing pages I wanted to work with something that delivered the best results for me and my clients.

The reasons why I enjoy being a Facebook ads manager are:

  • You get to communicate clearly the parameters expected for the client from the outset. There’s always variations but for their ad spend, you can approximately let them know what they will receive
  • It can be quite creative – Write an amazing ad, team it with a fabulous pic & bam! Low link costs, great conversion rates, everyone wins!
  • You get to make magic happen. Set up a funnel and see the sales roll in!

I’m at the point now where two of my ads management clients will bring in over $70k in revenue this year and I’m a mum who only works two days per week.
But it hasn’t always been this way. Hell no! I’ve had my highs and my lows. The ‘WTF is going on here’, lying awake at 3am thinking that a client hates me, the how am I going to get out of this one…

And what I always come back to is my systems.

I’ve developed my own profitable systems for:

  • Client management so the client is always in the loop – no surprises at the end of the month!
  • Campaign set up so I know that I have all the required elements before I start
  • Writing ad copy & choosing ad creative that converts
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to keep ongoing retainer clients

These systems will work for

  • Facebook Ads Managers
  • Freelancers
  • Marketing Managers who know what they’re doing but want to really optimise their ad spend

In this 6 months program where you’ll not only gain my practical systems but you’ll also learn:

  • High level ads troubleshooting
  • How to ensure that your campaigns hit the mark every time
  • How to communicate clearly with your clients & upper management
  • How to ensure that you look after yourself first (this is important!!)

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We kick off February 2020.

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